The 1st International Conference Translation and Cultural Sustainability: Foundations, Fundamentals and Applications will take place in Salamanca on 28, 29 and 30 November 2018.


The joint celebrations of the Eighth Centenary of the University of Salamanca and of the 25th anniversary of the establishment and implementation of Translation and Interpreting studies at this university provide the perfect background for a venue where Translation and Interpreting experts can meet to discuss the future of our discipline.

In our increasingly globalised world, where human interaction is conditioned by sophisticated technological tools, it is essential to look ahead at years to come and analyse the future paths that translation will follow. The Eighth Centenary of the University of Salamanca is an excellent opportunity to proudly look back while working purposefully towards the future. Translation and Interpreting draw on our academic knowledge and traditions, not only in relation to humanities in general, but also in regard to the study of languages in particular. These activities can be considered as crucial for cultural and linguistic mediation within a broad interdisciplinary framework.

The Conference is divided into three main parallel sections:


  • Foundations. The different epistemological models that underlie the activity of translating will be discussed in this section. Translation cannot be defined as a homogeneous concept, as many different schools, perspectives and viewpoints which attempt to explain its diverse and complex nature, its objectives and even its role in society can be found.
  • Fundamentals. This section is focused on the different disciplines on which the activity of translating is based: the Spanish language, foreign languages, terminology, documentation and applied technologies (localisation, post-edition, computer-assisted translation, etc.).
  • Applications. This section will centre on diverse areas and modalities within the activity of translating: legal and financial translation, scientific and technological translation, literary translation, etc. In this section, interpreting, both in its consecutive and simultaneous forms, will play an important role too.

Conference Languages

Papers may be presented in Spanish, English, French and German. Conference interpreting will be provided.